Introduction To Content Score

What is Content Score?

Content Score is a new improvement made to the Seller Center platform which automatically measures the quality of a product’s Content (Product image, Description, Product Name, Short Description) created on Seller Center using certain parameters which are based on the recommended Product Content Guidelines per category in order to encourage & ensure customers have access to quality content on all products.

Few examples from Seller Center per category;

Smartphones > Android Phones and Smartphones > iOS Phones

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 11.23.14 AM

As seen from the screenshot above, Specific things are used to determine the content score, and these are Parameters such as the number of Characters in the product name, Number of bullet-points in the Short description, The nature of the description as well as whether the attributes of the product are filled in correctly.

These requirements change per category as products in different categories have different attributes which are unique to them. As shown below.

Men’s Clothing > Shirts

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 1.20.01 PM.png

NB – Content Score parameters are actually category specific so two different sub-categories under a parent category would have unique parameters.

What are the Content Score Parameters?

These are the pre-determined rules that are set up to ensure the product content is of good quality E.g In a specific category, the threshold of “Product Name” can be set to a minimum of 15 characters and a maximum of 60 characters. The same explanation applies to other product fundamentals such as Product Description, Product Highlights, Product Warranty etc.

What is the objective and the Impact of Content Score?


  • The objective of Content Score is to facilitate prompt product QC for created/updated products in relation to the score threshold


  • Content Score is equal to or more than 80% = Auto-Approve
  • Content Score is equal to or less than 30% = Auto-Reject
  • Content Score within 31% – 79% score threshold will come to the QC queue for Product Review within 48 hours after Product Creation/Product Update.

To further re-iterate, Content score will help to get more products approved in good time since products that score over 80% are auto approved and below 30% are auto-rejected.

How can you improve your Content Score?

  • While creating a product, confirm all the parameters of that product category by clicking on the Content Score icon on the top right corner of your Seller Center.
  • Ensure, at least, all minimum criteria are met for all parameters for that product category.
  • Only provide content and specifications that are relevant to the product. No misleading information at all.
  • Always refer to our Content Guidelines for important FAQ’s and tips on how to create products and content per category and also wherever unclear during the product creation process.
  • You are encouraged to attend bi-weekly vendor training so as to have a better understanding of content development.

For complaints, inquiries or suggestions on Content Score, please contact our support team by raising a claim HERE,  or by calling us on +2341-8881102 or +2341-2772361.