How To Make Your Highlights Into Bullet Points

Bullet Points give us a better, more organized way of itemizing the key features of products in a way that will be easier to understand by customers.

HTML viewers give us a good way to put things in bullet-points and this feature is also present on the product description part of seller center.

See below the Steps that can be followed to easily put highlights of a product in bullet points.

Step 1 – Type in or Paste all the Key Features you intend to include in the product creation in the Highlights section.


Step 2 – Select all Key Features included in the Highlights column.


Step 3 – After selecting all Key Features included in the Highlights column, click on the “Insert Un-ordered List” feature (Highlighted in RED below)


After performing the following steps, the highlights listed should then be adequately arranged in bullet-points according to the number of rows.